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Translators & Interpreters in Marrakech, Morocco 

TJC Global can provide professional interpreters in Marrakech and the surrounding area. Our linguists are highly experienced, and can cover a variety of different branches in all manner of settings, from business meetings to conventions, from depositions to hearings. 

Marrakech, also spelt Marrakesh, is the fourth largest city in Morocco in North Africa. Founded in the 11th century, the city became a centre for trade, culture and religion. Since its independence from France and Spain in 1956, Marrakech has become a major tourist destination. As of 2012, the city attracts over 2 million visitors annually. Real estate in the area has recently experienced growth with many Europeans purchasing property in the area. It is hoped this number with increase 10 fold by 2020, and the hotel sector is being heavily invested in.

Trade and traditional crafts play an important role in the economy of the city, which boasts 18 souks, or markets selling goods to tourists.

We provide interpreting assistance in Marrakech, Morocco for the following fields: 

If the field you require is not listed, please click here for more fields covered by TJC interpreters in Marrakech, including engineering, industry and medical and pharmaceutical sectors

We are also happy to assist you with any preliminary or follow up translation assistance you may require for written documents of all kinds. 

What form/s of interpretation can TJC Global provide in Marrakech?

TJC Global offers many different types of interpreting services in Marrakech. The main four are simultaneous, consecutive, facilitating and telephone interpretation:

  • Simultaneous interpreting. This kind of interpreting requires lots of skill and experience and can be very tiring for an interpreter, which is why it is common for two interpreters to work in partnership.  They listen via a headset to the speaker and interpret what is being said into a microphone for the relevant audience members taking it in turns every 15/20 minutes. Simultaneous interpretation like this is commonly required at conferences that involve several different languages and a large number of participants.
  • Consecutive interpreting is probably the most common type of interpreting and is widely used. It is used for business discussions, negotiations, contract exchanges, commercial discussions, legal, technical or engineering discussions, medical or court hearings or on site inspections. The interpreter listens to the speaker, often making notes, and delivers the meaning in the target language afterwards. If a speech is delivered, the interpreter may wait until a pause or the end, at which point they deliver a translation relatively quickly. Consecutive interpreting may also be used at conferences for panel discussions, Q&A sessions or private discussions between parties - at a stall or elsewhere. 
  • Facilitating interpreting is used when a client has limited English / source language skills but requires technical or in depth terminology to be clarified in their native tongue to avoid misunderstandings. The facilitating interpreter is there primarily to ensure communication is effective and relieve the client from the fatigue of speaking in a foreign tongue. 
  • Telephone interpreting allows parties of different nationalities, who are not able to meet in person, to communication via telephone or video conferencing. The interpreter bridges the gap. Sometimes an interpreter is present in one of the two locations, and sometimes he/she is also located somewhere apart from both parties. 

Interpreting services / languages commonly required in Marrakech: 

Arabic Business Meeting Interpreters

Arabic Legal Interpreters

Arabic Arbitration Interpreters

Arabic Conference Interpreters

Arabic Court Interpreters

Arabic Deposition Interpreters

Arabic Medical Interpreters

French Automotive Engineering Interpreting Services

French Biomechanical Engineering Interpreting Services

French Business Meeting Interpreters

French Civil Engineering Interpreting Services

French Conference Interpreters

French Court Interpreters

French Deposition Interpreters

French Arbitration Interpreters

French Environmental Engineering Interpreting Services

French Industrial Agriculture Interpreting Services

French Industrial Engineering Interpreting Services

French IT & Computer Systems Interpreting Services

French Legal Interpreters

French Life Science Interpreting Services

French Marine Engineering Interpreting Services

French Mechanical Engineering Interpreting Services

French Medical & Pharmaceutical Interpreters

French Medical Translation Services

French Publications & Media Interpreting Services

French Retail & Consumer Sector Interpreting Services

French Structural Engineering Interpreting Service

French Technical Interpreting Services

French Tribunals Interpreting


We also cover: Rabat, Casablanca, Fes, Tangier, Salé, Meknes, Agadir and are happy to cover other cities and local areas.

Looking for assistance in another location? 

TJC Global provides specialist interpretation and translation services in a wide variety of locations. Whatever your requirement, we are happy to assist you with proffesional interpreters or translators. If the specific location in which you require interpreting services is not listed, please contact us directly.

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