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Conducting business on a global scale is now commonplace - goods and services are opened up to consumers all over the world thanks to the internet, social media, global telecommunications networks and sophisticated marketing techniques. When it comes to the invention, design, manufacture and maintenance of these products, cross border communication is equally important. More intelligent technology and a bigger demand means that businesses need to utilise technical expertise from all over the world to ensure their equipment/machinery/product can compete in a growing global marketplace. In any field which requires technical and scientific knowledge, clarity of language is essential to efficiency and success and when language barriers arise, achieving this necessary clarity can seem even more difficult. Whether you require technical manuals to be made globally accessible, breakthrough journal articles to be translated or certifications, TJC Global can help.

With over 25 years' experience, TJC Global is a world leader in providing technical translation services for many highly specialized and scientific industries. At TJC Global we have established a large and diverse network of professional translators over the last 20 years. We are therefore able to source specialists with backgrounds or qualifications in your specific field to ensure that translations are completed to the highest standard. Our translators will utilise their knowledge of technical and scientific terminology as well as their understanding of linguistic discrepencies to deliver precise, unambiguous translations, facilitating information exchange all over the world.

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Some examples of the specialist areas in which we can provide translators:



Automotive Industry




Biofuel Industry

Plastic and Polymer


Biochemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering


Civil Engineering

Computer Systems




Electrical Engineering


Software and Hardware

Energy (Power Generation)

Environmental Issues

Environmental Sciences

Technology (DVD, mobile, gaming, TV, radio, digital)

Industrial Engineering

IT / Computer Technology


Research Institutions


Marine Engineering

Structural Engineering


Circuit Diagrams

Mechanical Engineering


Process Engineering

Nuclear Engineering


Oil and Gas Industry


Looking for assistance in another field?

TJC Global provides specialist interpretation and translation services in a wide variety of fields. Whatever your requirement, we are happy to assist you with proffesional interpreters or translators. If the specific location in which you require interpreting services is not listed, please contact us directly.

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