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 Translation and Interpreting Services Worldwide

SpeciaIist translators and interpreters in over 100 languages in cities across the globe. Our experts are not only fluent in the required language but also in the relevant field. Fluent, accurate and glitch-free communication - no matter the document or occasion. 


Interpreting | Interpretation Services

We offer simultaneous, whispering and consecutive interpreting for conferences (international and domestic), business meetings, onsite tours, business trips and visits, as well as for legal proceedings both in and out of court. Our world-class deposition interpreters are ready to undertake cases of all natures as are our world-class arbitration interpreters. TJC interpreters also cover subjects including technical, engineering, environmental, renewable energy, medical, life science and more in locations across the globe. 

Translation Services

Our translators are equipped with industry-specific knowledge to ensure your documents are translated to the highest standard. TJC translators cover a wide range of fields, including law, medicine, engineering, technical and business interests and all manner of documents, from instruction manuals to research papers, from contracts to high-tech specifications. For information about the languages we cover, please see our Multiple Language Page.


Looking to attract a global audience? In an increasingly global world, the internet is the platform for connecting with a whole new class of client: speakers of other languages! With our assistance, your website will be available to the whole wide world in no time.

SpeciaIist Services

Optimising your business activities to cater for cultural differences or targeting an audience which speaks another language can be a difficult task without insider knowledge. We can support any project which involves another language or culture and can deliver assistance with market research, product development or advertising, as well as many other tasks. 



Make your information available to the the whole world... Our network of professionals can assist you with subtitling, voiceovers and dubbing in a wide range of languages for a multitude of projects and events. 




With lots of experience undertaking research on behalf of foreign agents, we can tailor research to the protocols of the country or culture you are interested in. This way, you reach optimum results faster. We can provide cultural consulting training in many languages. We cover business protocols & research project assistance. 



Need a language dictionary? Want to find out more about doing business abroad? Or perhaps about the city you are visiting on a business trip? TJC Global's resources are at hand to help answer all your questions. 




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