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TJC Global: Terms and Conditions (Recruitment)

You must read and agree to this document before you submit an application

  • "The work" is defined as the specific project you have been assigned by TJC GLOBAL and not your overall period of involvement with TJC GLOBAL.
  • You agree to read and comply with TJC Global's Terms and Conditions when it applies to the work you undertake for TJC GLOBAL.
  • You agree to maintain confidentiality of all proceedings, documents and conversations you are exposed to or become aware of in the duration of the assignments.
  • You assert you are fully conversant and fluent in the languages you declare to have knowledge of. You assert you have the suitable qualifications and/or professional and technical background to undertake the assigned translation / interpreting services to a professional standard. 
  • You assert all translations will be completed by you alone and that you will obtain explicit permission from TJC GLOBAL prior to involving any third parties in your work.
  • You assert that all work in the assignment is original and has been authored by you, and that any previous work incorporated in the course of the assignment is also original and authored by you alone.
  • You agree to return all source documents, preparatory materials and copies of source documents/preparatory materials within 48 hours of request by TJC GLOBAL.
  • You agree that you will not show or disclose to third parties any confidential material or information which comes into your possession through your work or duties. You are to maintain diligence in keeping all documents, materials or items secured and safe at all times when in your possession or about your person.
  • You are to maintain a professional manner at all times when in the presence of Customers and third parties.
  • You will maintain a safe working environment and will not perform duties for which you do not hold professional or statutory qualifications.
  • You agree to report any accidents as soon as reasonably possible to TJC GLOBAL. If you are not able to do so then you are required to make any incidents known to the Customer, so they may take steps to maintain a safe working environment.
  • You are not to directly approach or knowingly be approached by Customers for professional purposes outside the role for which you have been assigned. You agree that all solicitations from the Customer for your services independently of TJC GLOBAL are to be declined and you are not to seek work directly with the Customer. All personal contacts made are to be for the purposes of the assignment and any professional agreements without the approval of TJC GLOBAL are forbidden.
  • Upon breaches of this agreement we reserve the right to reduce or withhold some or all of the fees due to be paid to you on completion of the assignment.
  • Payment is arranged between TJC GLOBAL and the Customer, and will not take into account any payment provisions you may have arranged with the Customer.
  • You agree, for translation assignments, to rectify any errors or omissions which the Customer informs us of without any further fees being paid to you.
  • If an interpreting assignment or translation is cancelled by the Customer, then you shall be entitled to payment in proportion to the fees paid by the Customer to TJC GLOBAL as a result of this cancellation, as follows:
  • If the Customer cancels or otherwise terminates the interpreting work which you have been assigned within 24 hours of the agreed starting time of the assignment, you shall receive your full fees, plus any expenses incurred as a result of the cancellation. 
  • If the Customer cancels an interpreting assignment within 48 hours of the arranged time of the assignment, you shall be paid a percentage of the full amount of those services, depending on the arrangement with our client, plus any expenses incurred by you.
  • If the Customer cancels or otherwise terminates a translation project which you have been assigned, then you shall be paid for the amount of work which you have already completed.
  • You agree not to take personal advantage, financial or otherwise, of information obtained in the course of your work.

  • You agree not to misappropriate the client’s/s’ name/s to gain any personal financial advantage, for example by suggesting  on any commercial platform that the client was a customer of your own private translation/interpreting company. 
  • A large proportion of TJC GLOBAL’s assignments are governed by NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) and/or other data protection and confidentiality agreements. As a language service provider for TJC Global, you agree to uphold these agreements, of which you will be informed, for as long as is required by the client. 

                             N.B: Please refer to individual Purchase Order or Job Assignment Sheet for specific terms relating to your assignment. 


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