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Electronics Industry Translators & Interpreters 

Electronics Industry InterpretersThe electronics industry is a global industry mainly producing consumer electronics for a global market. With a never ending demand for new technological products, the electronics sector comprises numerous companies that manufacture and trade on a global scale.

In order to be successful in this highly competitive market companies have to make sure that language barriers and cultural differences do not affect the success of the business.

At TJC-Global, we can offer language services to aid international communication and supply professional Electronics translators and interpreters for all your needs.

All our interpreters are highly skilled, experienced and have a background or qualification in an Industry-related subjects ensuring a thorough knowledge of technical terminology and industry-specific practices for a precise and reliable translations and/or interpreting services.

We are very happy to arrange for our interpreters to meet your client(s) anywhere and provide interpreting services all over the globe. We are committed to facilitating uninterrupted communication between you and your business partners, no matter where they are based.



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Our Electronics Industry Interpreting service covers areas such as:


Electrical Engineering

Analog / Digital Circuits

Heat Dissipation / Thermal Management

Electronic Noise

Digital Signal Processers


Analog to digital converters

Electronic Packaging

EU Directives: Hazardous Substances


Circuit Design

Manufacturing Process and Design

Semiconductor devices

Capacitors, resistors, diodes

Electronic components

Thermal management

Electronic components

Analog, Digital, Linear circuits

Modulators, Vacuum Tubes, Amplifiers


Electronics & Construction industry

Digital Electronics

Electronic Waste


Electronical product R&D

Quality Assurance


Waste Electrical Equipment