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Clinical Engineering Translators & Interpreters 

Image and video hosting by TinyPicIn such an interdisciplinary and varied role, it is not surprising that international exchanges in the field of clinical engineering will often involve specialist interpreters and/or translators.

At TJC Global, we understand just how important it is that a translator or interpreter understand the technical terminology and procedures associated with clinical engineering and clinical engineering-related industries. Being thoroughly informed ensures that translation is precise, clear and that no misunderstandings that could be detrimental to business can occur.


Our clinical engineering specialists, besides being highly skilled and experienced, have a background or qualification in this industry, resulting in reliable and professional language assistance whatever your requirement. Our experts can cover business meetings, clinical trials, conferences and consultations and our services include documents translations of all natures from academic research and reports to business plans and instruction manuals.

About Clinical Engineering 


Clinical Engineering is an important subfield of biomedical engineering. A clinical engineer, sometimes known as a 'biomedical equipment technician', undertakes roles like working with governmental regulators on hospital inspections and audits and serving as a technological consultant for other hospital staff (i.e. physicians, administrators, I.T. professionals). Medical device producers will often seek the advice of these engineers when it comes to prospective design improvements due to their everyday employment of medical machinery.

Some examples of the specialist and related areas for which we can provide translators and interpreters:


Biomedical Engineering


Systems Engineering

Neural Engineering

Biomedical Devices

Integrative Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Imaging

Biomedical Instrumentation

Chemical Engineering

Biomedical Optics

Molecular Engineering

Electrical Engineering


Cell Engineering

Mechanical Engineering


Tissue Engineering



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